Are you excited walking into your garden?
Or is it still on your to-do list?

We love our natural environment and are committed to promoting
landscaping and organic garden care services that enhance and protect it.

Let us help celebrate your outdoor space -

Made for you

Our personalised consultation identifies what is important to you, your family, pets and guests: likes and dislikes, soil type, sun and shade, accessibility, play areas, pet comfort, maintenance plans, water management & even plant allergies.


Our Organika Landscape Designer can retro-fit existing areas or start 'from scratch’ to develop low maintenance and personalised environments that will bring joy to your outdoor areas and add instant value to your property.


The Organika Landscaping team specializes in hardscaping and softscaping, and will work with you to create a liveable and purposeful space that gives you pride, joy and peace of mind.


πŸƒ Garden Beds (Raised, Tiered, Fenced, Pest Proof)
πŸƒ Timber Decks and Privacy Screens (Wall Panels, Laser Cut, Lattice, Storage Seating)
πŸƒ Pergolas and Climbing Structures (Wood and Metal)
πŸƒ Retaining Walls and Rock Gardens
πŸƒ Water Capture (Irrigation systems and Water Tanks)
πŸƒ Paving Installation (Bluestone, Red Brick, Crazy Paving, Reclaimed)
πŸƒ Turf (Natural and Synthetic, laying and selection)
πŸƒ Pre-Sale Makeovers


πŸƒ Flowers, Plants, Shrubs and Trees (Supply, Install and Manage)
πŸƒ Edible gardens and food forests (Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs)
πŸƒ Companion Planting
πŸƒ Micro climate suitability (Soil, Sun, Water) 

Garden care and maintenance

At Organika we care. Our Garden Care and Maintenance team will improve your outdoor living space, add value to your property, free up your time and give you peace of mind that your garden area is safe and cared for. Our Organika Garden Care team provides a full range of high-quality, reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly gardening services for all garden maintenance needs. 

Whether you schedule one-off or regular visits, we can offer you the solution you need to upkeep your private or commercial property, including:

πŸƒ Pre-sale, pre-rent and pre-event makeovers
πŸƒ Mowing, Trimming, Pruning
πŸƒ Weed and Pest Management (Organic and Natural Pesticides)
πŸƒ Fertilizing (Organic, Species and Season Specific)
πŸƒ High Pressure Cleaning (Biodegradable Solutions)

πŸƒ Irrigation (Assessment, Maintenance and Repair)
πŸƒ Mulching, Composting & Worm Farms
πŸƒ Green Waste Removal and Management
πŸƒ Edible Plant Cultivation (Herb, Vegetable and Fruit)

Organika Landscaping and Garden Care specializes in Environmental Landscaping and Organic Garden Solutions for South East Melbourne Metropolitan areas. If you need:

Professional Landscapers and Sustainable Landscaping Services in Melbourne

Clean, fast, reliable and affordable Melbourne Garden Maintenance

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Garden Care

for your landscaping and garden care needs in the Melbourne metropolitan area:


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